To Clip Or Not To Clip ..(Wings)

Contrary to what some people may believe, clipping a parrot's wings does not cause any pain or discomfort. However, there's still a long-running debate regarding this issue. This often leads to some confusion amongst new parrot owners.Once a parrot has their wings clipped, they will no longer be able to fly around at 100%. Yet, some parrots can still glide in the air for short distances, but they won't be capable of taking full flight. A gust of wind can take them, making it difficult for them to get back to you.

Everyone has different beliefs regarding Clipping. Mine are as follows...Why get a bird if you plan to clip its wings. A clipped bird wont be as confident as an unclipped bird. Clipping a young bird before Fledging or is newly fledged,Will Cause many problems for the bird its whole life which for some can be as long as 80 years and will live well past most of there owners. When ppl get there new bird home and it starts to fly it becomes so difficult to control that some people decide to trim the bird wing feathers. Trimming the wing feathers of an unweaned bird is a big mistake. The chick will not understand that he cannot fly because his wing feathers are trimmed, And he will refuse to eat in order to lose weight and fledge.This is normal behaviour in the wild before that all important first flight a chick will stand in the nest looking out to where the flight will happen psyching themselves up, they stretch , flap and stretch some more preparing there body for flight The once plump chicky fat (puppy fat)will fall away to reveal a sleek flying machine. If they have trouble with flying they will work on weight loss in order to have a successful flight as not succeeding in the wild leads to death..

In cases like this a young bird's Weaning will be prolonged, the psychological effects can be devastating, and the chick will never develop the strong muscles and bones, the good balance and the healthy respiratory system of a well-fledged chick. Do not trim a bird wing feathers until the bird is completely food-independent. A proper wing-feather trim allows the bird to glide gently to the ground. Mind it is much better to look at your options ..

The first of which is harness training, Parrots like your dog will get to know the harness coming out means walkies, If you ad free flight training to the mix..even if you never plan to free fly your bird .Apart from the extra fun to be had with your bird, Training promotes a great bond,Target training and recall training are the best option, Target training has helped ppl whos birds have got out target there bird down out of a tree and back to the safety of there owners arms..

I often refer ppl with different Parrot related problems to the youtube channel BirdTricks, There channel is a must for any bird owner for every aspect of parrot care and someone who trains myself ,although be it a little rusty I feel ill never have to make a video on any one subject as Jamielee and dave Womack have it covered...

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