About Us

I seen my first macaw at Dublin Zoo when I was about 5 years old, I dreamed of owning my own my whole childhood, I always taught that 1st bird would come from a bad situation in a pet shop or similar.

When I was about !3 years old A circus came to town, I befriended the owners daughter and would go around Ireland with them every summer. Elephant was A huge draw for me, I'd spend all my free time in the elephant tent, I loved that I could get up close with these majestic mammals. My town was one of the first on there tour of Irish towns every year, That first year I was very lucky to be aloud go to the next town to have a few days with my friend, once my parents met her dad they knew I would be safe, They had many beautiful animal acts, between elephant, horses and dogs I was in my element , on my second week with them a man I only knew as the clown with a poodle act gave me a huge surprise one morning, He didn't just have a poodle act, he had a macaw and poodle act, I was stunned when I seen 8 fabulous Macaw on perches outside our caravan, they hadn't been there yesterday, There owner had gone to collect them the evening before from the Irish quarantine facility.

I was very lucky to have a lot of hands on experience with these beautiful birds, I would get to help with training for there show but my favourite time was after the afternoon show we would go to a big open field and let them off Its hard to think of anything more beautiful than a Macaw in Free Flight.

I got a lot of training experience back in those days, I was offered a chick but I knew I wouldn't be able to travel with a Macaw in toe, As i got older and started my family it didn't come up. I still taught my first Macaw would come from a rescue situation, Then when I eventually taught about getting a bird I taught I had left it two long. I'm only two well aware of the huge age these birds can reach.

My daughter was fast approaching 18 years of age and would be off to vet collage leaving me no one to mammy, It was her who said Mam you deserve this, When I explained I felt I was two old she said rubbish anyway I will take you're bird when you and dad die. Its a sad fact that way two many ppl get birds with a long expected lifespan without making plans for said bird after there gone, I wasn't about to become one of those.

So the decision was made and the search began, I was looking for that unwanted bird, the problem bird who had had more homes than walnuts, So you can understand my surprise to find out there's no big bird rescue in Ireland.

I didn't let that fact discourage me, Large parrots are not as common here as in the states, The first lady I contacted said her adult daughter had died suddenly leaving two young very blue and gold macaw chicks with no one to care for them. Of course my hart broke at the taught of losing my only daughter, I wanted to help, these birds were not for sale. I offered to pay transport fees to Ireland from the UK, She told me about the shipping company she uses....

That was my first red flag. If she has nothing to do with macaw what had she shipped before this....It was A company from Moldavia,(there is no company by that name) I'd certainly never heard of them. I explained I had A man I'd prefer to use, A man who specialises in hook bill bird transport and who was going to be up her way in the next couple of days. She had no interest. I told her I would drive over. I know what you are thinking and you'd be right. It was a shipping scam. By then Id figured there are no birds needing a home. So please when looking for a bird be careful. Meet the bird..

After A few like this I gave up on a rescue type bird. The transport man put in a word with a wonderful breeder here in Ireland, My chick hatched on the 27th of march this year (2020) Which amazingly was also our only child's 18th birthday. 

I got to go see him on his first months birthday, The hope had been to stay down there and help raise him to an age I'd feel safe bringing him home, Covid19 has different ideas with lockdown. By the time I got trough another month I couldn't wait any longer, I had to prove to the breeder I could handle hand feeding, Macaw are notorious as the hardest chick to raise. I had my circus days to fall back on.

So our life with Bigbie began, after getting him home I went out to get supply's I hadn’t known I needed and had a look at some toys and was very surprised at the cost of everything from cage accessories to Parrot toys, that's how we got here...If you have manages to get this far good on you. Here's a discount code for you're time. Welcome to Bigbies Parrot store where lower prices are our main aim..spend €5 and get 5% off because you took the time to read this 

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